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Our Partners in Community…

Longstanding partners, Community Foundation of Tampa Bay (CFTB) and Social Venture Partners (SVP) Tampa Bay, are united by one common goal, impactful community change. We each approach our goal from different yet complementary angles, coming together to achieve the goal of sustaining high impact non-profits right here in Tampa Bay.

The partners of SVP Tampa Bay are an engaged group of philanthropists who bring their time, treasure, and talent to partner with nonprofits within the community. The partners provide high-value business acumen and experience, this combined with CFTB's on-going efforts for elevating local non- profits, brings a high return on investment in the areas of time and money, creating sustainable social change.

CFTB and SVP Tampa Bay are ready and willing to work together to develop strong non profits, strong leaders, and key business skills. Together, we see the value in a strong partnership and are both dedicated to developing and sustaining the non profit community of Tampa Bay.

To achieve this work, we have formed theCapacity Building Institute, in which the CFTB will refer high impact non profits to SVP, who will then work with organizations to define their organizational needs while outlining a course of action.