What is fast pitch?

  • Seeking Tampa Bay's Most innovative and high-impact nonprofit organizations.
  • Free two month long business accelerator program
  • Thousands of dollars in awards and the chance to tell your story to an audience of hundreds, including representatives from major foundations, corporations, and donors. 

Fast Pitch Tampa Bay is starts with a free 6 week Business Accelerator program for nonprofits that ae creating lasting social change in the Tampa Bay area.

This all culminates into our Fast Pitch event at The Palladium on October 25th, 2018. 

Innovation & Impact


…Mobilizing thousands of volunteers to harvest fruit from private homes and distribute it to local food pantries and other organizations serving those in need.

…Borrowing free, durable medical equipment when you need it most, with the ease of checking out a book from the public library, while supporting sustainable re-use, repair and recycling.

…Using art as a healing tool for survivors of domestic violence, empowering them to move forward in their lives with hope rather than fear.

…Bringing together job trainees, volunteers and students to install residential solar electric systems that help low-income families save money while protecting the environment

These are just some of the innovative solutions to society’s problems presented in past years at Fast Pitch in other SVP network affiliates. Innovative nonprofit organizations are using limited resources in creative and effective ways to deliver lasting social impact. Leaders of these organizations have a vision for solving social issues rather than simply alleviating the symptoms.


Successful applicants exhibit one or more of the following characteristics:

• They are entrepreneurial, resourceful, and focused on long-term outcomes.

• They create elegant solutions to complex social problems.

• They design new, non-obvious approaches to improve products or services or deliver them to new populations in ways that society does not expect.

• They may be employing advanced technologies, leveraging collaborations with other nonprofits, or applying promising business models such as social enterprises to create earned income or employment.

• They generate greater social return than the status quo through better outcomes and/or more cost-effective solutions


• Nonprofit organization – Applicants must provide their 501(c)(3) Employer Identification Number (EIN). Both multi and single program organization are encouraged to apply. If applying from an organization with many programs you will be asked to identify which program you plan to focus on or if you plan to apply with an umbrella idea covering all or most of your programming.

• Service Area – Organization may be based within the Tampa Bay area.

• Presenter – Individuals presenting on behalf of their organization should have at least six (6) months of tenure with the organization and must be a key employee or senior staff member.

• Size – There are no restrictions based on organizational size, budget or age of organization.

• Cost – There is no fee to participate in the program or for finalists who present at the event.

• We are looking for participants who are committed to the process during the program timeline.

• Utilize the group practice sessions and mentors assigned to coach you to produce a crisp, engaging three-minute presentation of the organization’s mission, distinctive approach, impact and “the ask.”

• Be open to advice and coaching by business and community leaders.

• Understand that a good pitch is about more than just asking for money and one must be able to articulate how people can help the organization through volunteering, making connections, or providing other in-kind support.

• In order to benefit from the program, participants should plan to spend a minimum of 2 hours a week working on their pitch outside of the group sessions. Many past participants reported spending significantly more time.



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