Amplify Your Community

What Happens when you take the potential of every individual, connect them to the people who are directly tackling our community issues, and challenge them to make a difference?

We’ve seen what happens, and the results speak for themselves. Working hand in hand with groups within our community to guide them on being more sustainable long term to make a larger impact in Tampa Bay! Why reach one organization when you can reach 10, or even 20 all at one time?

We believe in the power of capacity building to generate positive outcomes.

Real outcomes from addressing real issues in our community.

Our 2017 Fast Pitch brought real change to groups and social enterprises making a difference right here in Tampa Bay.

$60,000 in unrestricted cash prizes was given out to 5 out of the 13 competing teams.

Not everyone walked away with prize money, but they walked away with new connections, insightful ways to further develop their social enterprises, and a broader audience in our community to tell their story too.