Are you a 501c3?

SVP is a field of interest fund at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and they administer the fund on our behalf. We have a strong collaborative relationship with CFTB. Over 30% of our partners hold CFTB donor advised funds.

What are partner contributions for?

Partner contributions are pooled as resources to support programming, as well as investing in tampa bay’s most innovative and resourceful non profits. You’re able to touch multiple organizations through one contribution! Over the past few years SVP Tampa Bay has awarded $120,000 in cash prizes to our Fast Pitch winners, we have also invested over $1m in time and resources since our inception to local area non profits.

What is Personally Significant Giving?

SVP previously had a standard contribution model of $2500/$5,000 minimum contribution per partner unit, our partners realize this was limiting, we have moved to personally significant giving model to allow those who are able to contribute more, and those who are just getting started on their philanthropic journey to give in a meaningful way to them personally. All of our partners have the same vote, the same voice in our organization no matter how much of their time or resources are contributed.